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What is Deltalok?
– Deltalok is an environmentally friendly GREEN system used to construct soft permanent
– Deltalok Systems applications range from erosion control & slope stability, retaining
wall to streambank restoration and protection.
– Deltalok is the only system that can perform in both the soft armored and hard structured
– Deltalok System is based on mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) & bag work
– Deltalok System uses only soft materials (geotextile and polypropylene) that have been
used and tested for over 25 yrs both in the environment and industry for durability & bioneutrality.
– Deltalok offers 3 dimensionally mechanically interlocking soft vegetated earth scaping
– Deltalok System is a bioengineering & ecological engineering solution which allows
ecosystems to interface between technology & the environment.
– Deltalok System restores natures natural strength