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Rock Bags - Engineered For Environmental And Asset Protection

What Are Rock Bags

Rock bags are flexible and durable units made of high grade netting materials that are filled with rock. They serve as a versatile and effective solution for erosion control and scour protection of natural environments in water bodies like rivers, creeks and coastal locations.

They also offer substantial protection to man made infrastructure such as bridge & jetty pylons, sea walls, wharves, ports, harbours and revetments. Rock bags can be deployed rapidly to construction sites as pre-filled units or alternatively fill on-site.

The wide range of rock bags provides engineers the opportunity to design construction works with true weights, dimensions and plans to suit various application on land or sub-surface. This proves beneficial over rip rap and other traditional methods of construction that are time consuming and require regular maintenance or replacement.

A small team can fill and place over 100 bags in a single day.

rockbags, rock bag gabion

Common Applications For Rock Bags

Erosion Control:

Rock bags are widely used for erosion control in various environments, including coastal areas, riverbanks, and creeks. They help to stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, and protect against the destructive forces of water flow. The filled rock bags act as a barrier, absorbing the energy of water and preventing soil particles from being washed away. This makes them ideal for preserving natural habitats, protecting shorelines, and preventing land loss due to erosion.

Sea Walls and Revetments:

Rock bags are often employed as an alternative to traditional hard sea walls and revetments. They offer several advantages over rigid structures, such as concrete or steel. The flexibility of rock bags allows them to conform to the natural shape of the shoreline, enhancing their effectiveness and reducing the risk of failure due to wave action. The permeability of the netting used in rock bags allows for water filtration, reducing the potential for damage caused by hydraulic pressure.

River and Creek Bank Stabilization:

Rock bags are utilized for bank stabilization in rivers and creeks, where soil erosion is a common problem. By lining the banks with rock bags, the energy of flowing water is dissipated, preventing further erosion and maintaining the stability of the banks. This helps protect nearby infrastructure, including bridges, culverts, and pipelines, from damage caused by bank failure.

Protection of Bridge Pylons:

Bridge pylons are vulnerable to scour, which is the erosion of sediment around the structure due to water flow. Rock bags are often used as scour protection around bridge pylons to dissipate the energy of the water and minimize sediment transport. The flexibility and adaptability of rock bags allow for effective and efficient installation, reducing the risk of scour-induced damage to bridge foundations.

rockbags, rock bag gabion, gabion mattress, gabion basket, erosion control, scour protection, shoreline, ports, harbours, revetments, pylons

Why Choose Rock Bags:

  • Versatility: Rock bags can be used in a wide range of applications, making them a versatile erosion control and protection solution in various environments, including coastal, riverine, and marine settings.
  • Flexibility: Unlike rigid structures, rock bags can adapt to the natural contours of the landscape, providing better performance against waves, currents, and water flow.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rock bags are often a cost-effective solution compared to traditional hard structures. They require less material and labor for construction, transportation, and installation.
  • Environmental Benefits: The permeable nature of rock bags allows for water and sediment filtration, minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment and preserving natural habitats.
  • Ease of Installation: Rock bags can be easily transported and installed, even in challenging or remote locations. This makes them a practical choice for erosion control and infrastructure protection projects.

rockbags, rock bag gabion, gabion mattress, gabion basket, erosion control, scour protection, shoreline, ports, harbours, revetments, pylons

Now available is 2 material types :

PE – Polyethylene

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene

Rock bags Sizes

1 Ton

2 Ton

4 Ton

6 Ton

8 Ton

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